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Imagination is unlimited, everything clean and straight can look forward to a new design :-))) Walls, doors, windows, glass panels, floors, cars, mirrors, furniture, children's toys and toy boxes as well. Even flower pots, cups and everything that comes into your mind.

How can I order a decorative mirror and a wall sticker, so that it comes in ONE order?

You can complete two orders and write down a note that you wish to merge the orders and if the total price exceeds € 50, you have the free shipping.

Can I use a sticker on the wall repeatedly?

Wall stickers are NOT designed for a repeated use.

How long will a sticker last on the wall?

A manufacturer indicates a service life of vinyl foils in exterior for 6 years.

If I stick a decoration off the wall, will also the plaster go down?

Definitely not, stickers hold well on the wall, however, you can put them down from the wall easily. You stick it off and that’s it. Without the plaster.

We have just finished the wall painting; can we use your stickers right away?

After painting the wall, you should wait at least two weeks, rather three, as the wall is dry on the surface, however, the paint may be still wet. You could put a sticker on the wall, however, the next day it might start to come off.

Can a sticker be used for a rough plaster?

Stickers are designed for a flat, non-absorbent surface; occasional unevenness is not a problem.

What is the difference between a sticker and an artwork?

A sticker is easier to apply than an artwork. However, using the artwork you can paint multicolour designs, especially children and challenging images on any wall. The stickers are designed for flat surfaces.

Can I stick a sticker elsewhere than on the wall?

A sticker can be put to any flat surface. It is washable and resistant to weather conditions. You can stick it on the wall, car, glass, windows, boxes for toys, furniture, bathrooms and in other various places.

I don’t want a sticker neither an artwork for painting.

In this case, you can choose from wooden decorations and decorative mirrors.

What are you preparing next?

We're about to add a lot of new things that you will like certainly, we’re working on them constantly and we’ll add them to the website slowly, so that is why you won’t regret if you see us at least once a month. We are constantly looking for new materials that could expand our offer and we’re planning a lot. So let it be a surprise, we hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised not only by our ideas, but also by a diversity of materials used and also by prices.

Sticking to washable walls?

Washable paints are not the best surface because of their viscosity. If a sticker does not hold enough it should be pushed to the wall for even 2–3 days. We sticked three different stickers on three different washable paintings. The installation was complicated but the stickers still hold on the wall till today.

Will a sticker hold to the wall?

This you can check by yourself. Send to the address published on the website an envelope with another empty envelope inside folded in half and a stamp covering shipping costs (the returning envelope has to be folded in half so we don’t tear it up when opening) and a piece of paper with up to three colour codes, which you want to see a sample from. We’ll send you a sample of stickers and you’ll try them on your wall at home, and eventually you’ll find out whether you chose the right colour.